Denominazione d’origine Controllata (D.O.C)

by jasminechanxw

D.O.C >> Italian classification for premium food and wine products of designated locality.

Where: Quaint, authentic italian Pizza& Mozzarella bar at the corner of Drummond & Faraday.
Who: The suspects behind this modest, bucolic find are Italian stallions from Carlton Expresso.
What: D.O.P. San Daniele Prosciutto (Italy) & D.O.P. Italian Buffalo Mozzarella.
When: Wasting the rest of Saturday’s Afternoon to Pre dinner Time.

Extra Brownie Points for the complimentary breadsticks & dollop of Italian Nutella ( claimed the stallions). Little did he know that we had already noticed the jars of this wondrous hazelnut spread bearing the Australian colours discreetly sitting on the kitchen shelves.

D.O.C Pizza and Mozzarella Bar
195 Drummond St
Carlton, 3053
(03) 93472998