K ki: Cake ky

by jasminechanxw

One of my favourite places in the world- Ann Siang Hill. Ann Siang Hill, located near Tanjong Pagar, is a street lined with shophouses, places selling locally designed apparels and boutique hotels. This place was introduced to me by a classmate years ago and I haven’t stopped visiting since. Coincidentally, the best eggtarts that can be found in Singapore can be found on the adjacent street. And because I cannot resist pretty things, especially when they have a unpretentious, rustic touch to it, I always find myself spending the entire afternoon here even though the initial plan was to just “get them egg tarts and head straight home”.

Tucked away in a corner of 7 Ann Siang Hill is a japanese cafe called -Kki (Cake in japanese)  that have been much raved about ever since its opening. I’ve been meaning to go there but never found the time to considering that I’m here in Melbourne most of the year and whenever I’m back, I tend to limit myself to hawker and local foods.

So this time round when I flew back for the winter break, and especially with the best friend heading back from london after a year, we made a pact to do our catching up at some place new. So when the best friend suggested having cake at Kki, I was delighted! First, I can never ever deny an opportunity for cake and secondly, no more procrastinating the long overdue visit !

When we got there, there was only a couple of cakes left. The much talked about ” Antoinette” and ” Mont Blanc” were long gone, leaving us with only three choices – the “dumo”, “kinabaru” and “emily”. We decided that since had already come so far from our usual coffee hang out, we’d better make it worth the journey and savour everything this place has to offer.

Cafe Dumo
It is a coffee layered mousse cake with a beautiful texture to it. I am honestly not a huge fan of coffee (yes, irony considering how much caffeine i am guilty of consuming) but this cake does take me by surprise.

Kinabaru (top) & Noisette (bottom).

My favourite of the three. Kinabaru (obviously named after the mountain), is a combination of creme de coconut, passionfruit finished with a chocolate base. Fans of cakes that are not too rich will enjoy this amazingly light cake. The Noisette is one of their recent additions to Kki- a hazelnut dacquoise layer with chocolate and praline cream. I found this a bit too common and ordinary, but nevertheless, satiated my cake craving and i left quite a happy lady.

Would i go back?

Possibly and i would still want to try the “antoinette”, but only if i was in the area. Plus this cafe does not seat many, so if one is to visit over the weekends and expect to sit the entire afternoon slowly appreciating your cake and coffee, be prepared to be receiving multiple glares of death.

Kki Cafe
7 Ann Siang Hill