Cocotte- A hidden gem, unearthed.

by jasminechanxw

Wanderlust- an irresistibly strong desire or an impulse to travel far away and explore different places.
(taken from their website)

Cocotte is an amazing place situated in the ground floor of wanderlust hotel. a strong recommendation from my best friend’s mother, yvonne, one who is well traveled and has refined taste buds for quality food.

An overview of what cocotte has to offer- its a restaurant that firmly asserts communal eating, offering large round tables that will sit large groups. the menu offers french style country food with options of different serving sizes (petites for the small eaters, moyennes for 2-3 and grande portions) And i believe the restaurant’s belief in communal eating is also depicted through the well & appropriately spaced tables to accommodate hearty & vibrant dinner conversations shared while passing the platter of food from one to the other end of the table. so rest assured that your neighbouring tables wont be listening in your conversations.

The attendees of the dinner were both my bestfriends & our parents. there were 6 of us in total and we shared 7 dishes (mostly in petites) so we could try a variety of dishes.

What we had (not in chronological order)-

– A basket of bread: 

which was served almost immediately after our orders were taken.

 fried tripe:

well- fried so there was a good amount of crisp & crunch to it while retaining its tenderness & flavour. I didn’t really enjoy this. to begin with, i was never really a fan of innards. But i do have to admit that it would be a really great dish if one could overlook the idea of what tripe really is & the strong meaty aftertaste.

– fresh pear & bleu d’ auvergne:

I absolutely love rocket (otherwise known as arugula) & i love pear so this salad was a perfect combination. the sweet taste of the pear complimenting the strong aromatic, peppery-bitterish taste of the rocket. Odd bits of blue cheese hidden beneath the bed of rocket. while i am an aficionado of blue cheese, i found its presence slightly out of place.

– escargot courgeres:

ive never had escargot served with pastry before. it was a new amalgam of flavours – parsley cream, tomato coulis & gruyere pastry. even the bestfriend who insists that we do not make her eat escargot helped herself to a second helping. this is definitely a MUST-TRY at cocotte, something refreshing and different from the usual escargot & pesto.

– Moules a la normade:

norwegian blue mussels in a light apple cider cream sauce- a sauce so flavourful i could just drink it as soup. delectable but would have preferred if the mussels werent so small!

– poulet roti (very much raved about & the reason why ive been wanting to visit cocotte):

in my opinion, the highlight dish of the meal. whole hormone free chicken, marinated for 2 days & roasted with fresh herb butter. served with gravy, roast baby potatoes & spring vegetables. true to its ravings, the bird roasted to perfection, meat is tasty & bursting with flavour yet succulent & juicy. the bird is presented on a wooden board, nicely carved (10 for presentation), and comes with side of peas, carrots & artichoke and gravy. the bird on its own tasted so good that the gravy was almost unnecessary.

– roast pork collar:

seeing that it was served in a cast iron le creuset, i know (almost certainly) that the meat would be beautifully cooked, so soft & tender that the meat tears away after it is being pierced by the fork. the dijon mustard sauce completes the robust taste of the pork leaving a rich & creamy lingering taste in your mouth, absolutely yum!

– boeuf bourguignon

i cant remember much of this dish, and considering that im a beef-kinda girl, it must be quite like any other beef burgundy.

– navarin d’ agneau printanier:

thoroughly marinated & not over-cooked. the fact that mother (who usually evades most lamb dishes due to the distinctive smell of lamb) actually enjoys this dish must meant something.

for desserts, it was a prior-arranged chocolate royal 21st birthday cake for us (a combined 21st!).

– the valrhona araguani mousse on layers of crispy praline and almond sponge with creme anglaise added the mandatory concluding palatable touch to the savoury (salty) dishes but mousse gets a tad too overwhelming and overly-rich after a couple of mouthfuls.

our dining experience was an extremely enjoyable affair and the evening ended with us having a good time fooling around with the quirky barber chairs & foosball table at the lobby. service was impeccable, the staff members refilling the water glasses as soon as they were half full, quick to service when requested and not to mention a great help with helping us etched an unforgettable get-together by capturing invaluable moments with our cameras.

would i go back?


Wanderlust Hotel; Cocotte
2 Dickson Road, Singapore 209494