Matcha Green Tea Pound Cake

by jasminechanxw

I was fairly certain that baking was a phase that i was going through especially since i caught the kitchen bug just weeks before the exams. ” Definitely induced by all that late night studying and an excuse to defend my diversion from books” . My friends too, were watching and waiting at the sidelines so they could throw in the ” told you so.” when i threw the towel in. Since young, it has been a journey of learning an abundance of new things, yet a master of none.
Well, it has been a good 2.5 months since my embarkment, and i can affirm you that the fervency still burns eagerly. So today, i want to share with you what that got me started on my journey. This cake, albeit nothing fanciful like a 3 tiered fondant red velvet ( favourite!), is quite a simple tea-time treat, goes extremely well with a strong brew (mild as well, but i love my strong teas). Best of all, it does not require anything laborious and quite feasible even if its your first time away from instant-bake goods.

The recipe is quite straight-forward, Sarah wrote it beautifully but i’ll re-write it here and change the US-measurements to the ones we are accustomed to (eg. Celcius & grams in place of fahrenheit & sticks) & the changes i’ve made to my own liking.

MATCHA GREEN TEA POUND CAKErecipe taken from Sarah Yoon.

  • 2 cups plain flour
  • 1 tablespoon + 2 teaspoons matcha powder
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 225 grams of unsalted butter
  • 1.5 cups confectioner’s sugar
  • 5 large eggs, whites & yolks separated
  1. Butter a standard size loaf pan ( approx 22 x 13 x 8 ) or line with baking paper neatly. I usually cut the 2 set of baking paper to fit, one to fit length-wise and the other to fit breath-wise. Preheat the oven to 165deg C.
  2. Combine flour, green tea powder and baking powder in a mixing bowl and stir well to mix.
  3. Cream soften butter (to room temperature) and confectioners’ sugar with mixer until creamy and light for a couple of minutes. Beat in yolks one at the time to ensure thoroughly mixed. And fold in flour until it is fully mixed with butter, eggs & sugar.
  4. Whisk egg whites until soft peak ( a soft peak is one that will look like a floppy hill whereas a stiff peak keeps its sharp peak.)
  5. Using a spatula, fold in egg white mixture until no white streaks remain.
  6. Pour the mixture into the loaf pan and smoothen the top. Bake the cake (approx. 35-40mins) until well risen and insert a skewer into center. It should come out dry. Cool cake on the rack.

I don’t like my cakes too brown so i prevented this with tenting (by placing an aluminum foil or baking paper over the top of the cake before letting the crust brown in the last 10 mins. The original recipe required 2 cups of sugar (found it too sweet) and i needed to cut back on the calories for my health-conscious friends, so 1.5 cups seemed like a lesser evil. Lastly, working with the intense matcha powder my dad got me from taiwan, it was vital that i reduced the amount of green tea powder. My first attempt at this cake (with strict adherence to this recipe) gave me matcha overkill.

My latest attempt saw me using a smaller loaf pan, so this was what i did with my excess batter- using an odd-looking pan sitting in a forgotten corner of the cupboard and they turned out to like little muffins (pardon my terrible humour- by my terms, theyre known as caffins). Absolutely adorable.

So i really do hope you like this recipe, i’ve baked this so much in the last couple of weeks that i refuse to take anymore bites out of it. The dog & helper have been my very loyal taste-testers and now back in melbourne, i think i would have to resort to force feeding my housemate.