Earl Grey Shortbread Cookies

by jasminechanxw

(PS: this entry was written awhile ago in another journal.)

Caught in a baking frenzy when i really should be gearing up for semester 1 finals. Call me weak, but i absolutely can’t help it but dive head first into anything culinary. Getting all ensared in this has inspired me to want to sign myself up for a food photography course over the Winter break.

Decided to whip up something for the Charity Bake Sale for Australia’s Cancer Council. It made me recall how inspiring and tenacious ms peh (my secondary school teacher) was, coming to school religiously everyday, undaunted in the face of terminal stage colon cancer. I acknowledge the insignificance of my contribution, but i feel compelled to do something no matter how minute it will be.

My first surprisingly successful attempt at shortbread. Didn’t get much pictures this time round, only because this recipe had a lot of hand involvement considering that i was baking twice the amount of shortbread. Plus, our hand mixer and mixer bowl were inadequate in coping with the massive load of dough.

Recipe chosen was definitely much simpler than the first, except that it was more tedious with the kneading to ensure everything was evenly mixed. A  healthier option as compared to the previous- only 1 cup of confectionery sugar was used hence more lenient on the waist. This took no longer than an hour to prepare, an hour to freeze (while i headed off to the gym for a quick run) and 10-15mins per batch of cookies.

Quick, Quick, Chop, Chop and done. Definitely one of the most undemanding and presentable recipes to use if you’re baking for someone or an event, especially if there’s a time constraint.

Fresh out of the freezer & sliced 0.7cm x 3cm wide. I’ve learnt that if you freeze the dough, it retains its shape while baking and freezing prevents it from cracking. Also, frozen dough are good for about 4-6 weeks when kept appropriately ( Tip 101: ensure you wrapped them in plastic and not parchment to prevent freezer burn and odour absorption). Saves you hours of kitchen labour and an instant solution to satiate those out of the blue, sudden home-make cookie cravings.

Shortbread in the oven, crust browns at approximately 7-8 mins. I had them in for up to 13mins, took them out and had them on the tray for about 10 mins. Crust with desired browning and the residual heat from the pan further cooks the dough.

1st batch on the cooling tray, a tad more brown than i wanted. Nevertheless, sweet success!

All packed and ready to go!

Recipe from Martha Stewart.

Note: Only managed to get ~ 7 dozen cookies when i doubled the ingredients.


  • Replaced orange zest with lemon zest, wanted a more tangy taste.
  • For the tea leaves, dont scrimp on the homebrand tea. I used harrods in this, and the aroma of the shortbread was just delectable!
  • And if youre feeling venturesome, roll the log in coarse sugar before slicing & baking them. Ideal end-result would be those old fashioned sugar cookies from Royal Dansk, plus a hint of sugar would complement the strong aroma of the earl grey with a burst of sweetness.

Hmm, yum!
Hope you will enjoy this recipe as much as i did (: