by jasminechanxw

Hi, My name is Jasmine and i want to be a doctor & a freelance baker/chef. I’ve always been a cumbersome hindrance in the kitchen, i turn betty crocker instant mix to brownie rock-solids and make apple crumble sans crumble.


I’ve been getting better of the late. With a determined heart and an ardent pursuit for good quality food, i’ll get there. This is also the reason to why i call this journal ” Garçon de Cuisine ” when translated to english, ” boy in kitchen”. Garçon de cuisine is the lowest rank in modern day english kitchen, a hierarchy system developed by Georges Anguste Escoffier, and his role is to aid with preparation and to support other members. My baking skills are still at their infant stage but with time (and countless of bags of flour, sugar & voluntary/ involuntary food critics), one day, i’ll be le Chef de Cusine.

ps. Yes i am 21, and no i did not bake my birthday cake.