Garçon de cuisine

Garçon de cuisine- literally meaning boy in kitchen whose role is to aid preparatory work and provide support.


I’ll be back I promise! Exams got the Better of me, but hey, it’ll take a lot more to keep me out of the kitchen.
And even more to keep me from satiating my palate for good food! (:


The World Waits For Nobody.

Pardon my long absence, i’ve been busy preparing for an exam and haven’t had the time for a proper update. but that doesnt mean the kitchen has been long forgotten! in fact, i’ll show you a sneak preview of what’s been cooking!

Granny Smith Apple Muffins

Made applesauce a couple of days with intentions to make an apple tea cake but with the current workload and the lack of time, baking doesn’t seem to be a feasible act at all. Well, that was until I inspired by some muffin recipes I’ve been reading from somewhere. And after a few mish-mash and tweaks, here’s what I came up with-

Granny Smith Apple Muffins

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Ambition is the last refuge of failure- Oscar Wilde

The banana bread so dense that it made greek yogurt look weak.

(Non- Bake) Mango/ Peach Mousse Cake ( Japanese Cheesecake Base)

I know I promised recipe for this Mango/Peach Mousse Cheesecake about ” ten years ” ago but school got so hectic of the late that everything has to be put on hiatus. But no worries, I’m back in the kitchen ( & with a failed banana bread :/ ).

I baked this for my friend’s birthday. The last time we spoke, he mentioned how our desserts are always so sinful and it’ll be great if we should throw in a tad bit of fruits for health-sake pretense. A couple of friends were already making american cheesecake and sticky date pudding ( both oh – so – delightful!) so i thought something fruity (albeit the amount of cream cheese that went into this) would be a good palate change.

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Denominazione d’origine Controllata (D.O.C)

D.O.C >> Italian classification for premium food and wine products of designated locality.

Where: Quaint, authentic italian Pizza& Mozzarella bar at the corner of Drummond & Faraday.
Who: The suspects behind this modest, bucolic find are Italian stallions from Carlton Expresso.
What: D.O.P. San Daniele Prosciutto (Italy) & D.O.P. Italian Buffalo Mozzarella.
When: Wasting the rest of Saturday’s Afternoon to Pre dinner Time.

Extra Brownie Points for the complimentary breadsticks & dollop of Italian Nutella ( claimed the stallions). Little did he know that we had already noticed the jars of this wondrous hazelnut spread bearing the Australian colours discreetly sitting on the kitchen shelves.

D.O.C Pizza and Mozzarella Bar
195 Drummond St
Carlton, 3053
(03) 93472998

Mango-peach mousse cake


Will be posting up the recipe for this fruity mango- peach mousse soon! Keep watch (:

The very un-american (japanese) cheesecake

jarlsberg, cheddar, ricotta, fetta (is this considered cheese?), red leicester, tasty, blue, brie, cambert- I could really go on forever.So when i first stumbled upon this recipe,
(ok. not stumbled, I’ve been religiously stalking Thelittleteochew for as long as i can remember, squealing in excitement every time a new recipe comes up. She whips up the most sensational kitchen goods, I’ll do whatever just to be her kid for a day!)

I knew I had to make it! And of course, many a failed attempts both in Singapore and Melbourne, I finally somewhat got it right yesterday. The cake still collapses in a little, but I’ll blame that on the weather. Winter temperatures are terrible for light cakes as such- the immense disappointment that rains upon you when you come out an hour later with a cake that looks like a flatten whoopie pillow. Even leaving the cake to gradually cool in the oven for over an hour does not work. I really wonder what’s the trick behind all these, hmm.

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Manchester Press, Melbourne City.




Tang Zhong Sausage Rolls